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Wellness for men by Ilovespa.deThis article was originally posted at Ilovespa.de and written by Jenny. For more details and specific links to the products visit her website. ♥

Dear people, we need to talk about “wellness for men” and about the picture that seems to exist in the minds of most people in general.

If you’re looking for inspiration for “Wellness Gift for a Man,” Google will end up with a DIY thimble knocker, consisting of a beer (“the cool blonde to tease and nibble on”), peanuts (for the stomach scrub, höhö) , Schnaps (because drinking is cool) and the instruction to put on sweatpants and to lie down on the couch.

I do not know in which parallel universe I am traveling, but I would like to break a lance (yes, I know) here and now for the men’s world, because I am very sure that not every man stands on sexist sayings and so flat Gift bundle associated with “Wellness”.

I would even go so far as to say: “Men are only people who want to relax just like women”. Not without reason is 30% of my readership male. Men do not have less stress, problems and worries and are also happy about a good massage! Fortunately, more and more men are brushing their minds about “yoga & meditation” and find their way onto the mat or meditation cushion.

With this article I want to show that neither yoga nor meditation is esoteric or even “unmanly”. Breathing is good for all people and is not something that half of humanity should be ashamed of.

Pure Prana Label lavender eye pillow

On the top right you can see an eye pillow, which you can use on the Savasana as well as on the meditation in the supine position and order at Cindy aka Pure Prana Label. Remember?

Breathe + App

For my taste, Breathe + is still the best meditation app, because apart from breathing there is nothing else to do, and that’s exactly what it’s all about.

Om Fucking Shanti Shirt

When we talk about “Wellness for Men” in the context of yoga, a link to Thomas aka the Yogadude may not be missing. And the best? Thomas even has his own online shop and there you can buy the fair trade “Om Fucking Shanti” shirt made of organic cotton. Check!

Dharma Meditation Bank

Men are yes frequentlysometimes a bit shorter in terms of the back thigh muscles. As a result, prolonged sitting on the floor may cause problems at first. A meditation bench is the perfect solution for anyone who is having trouble sitting on a meditation cushion.

OGNX Yoga Pants Deluxe Pant Anthracite

Yoga pants for men are much rarer in the online shops of the World Wide Web than yoga pants for women. The shorts of OGNX prove that the whole SPAss does not have to look very exotic or acrobatic.

mugwort smudge stick

Mugwort is the European white sage and mercilessly underestimated. In order for that to change, there will be a DIY for Mugwort Smudge Sticks next week, but until then, this link should serve as your source of supply and provide clear space energy!

7 The Reversible (Big) Mat

That “The Mat” is the Ferrari among the yoga mats, I already mentioned and since men often bring a few inches more on the mat than women, the longer version with 2.13m under certain circumstances could make sense.

Okay, dear people, that was Round 1. Now, there should be nothing in the way of the next yoga class or meditation unit. Look forward to four more “wellness for men” episodes! Next time, it’s all about “Day Spa & Spa”.

Stay tuned!



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