Your inner guidance system


Emotions.. I don’t know, somehow half of my life I considered them as my enemy. Highly sensitive, my emotions were all over the place, didn’t understand how I would ever be able to tame them.

I wanted to tame them, because emotions felt like a wild beast, not listening to my plans, not sticking around for the end results of the road I was taking.
Emotions were trouble, big trouble and I was so mad each time they had to be a party pooper!

But were they really? They turned out to be my best inner guidance tool ever!

I turned my life around, about 10 years ago. Saying goodbye to expectations, following my North Star and don’t give a crap about what other’s think of it. I had to experiment a lot to get where I am right now, with lots of up and downs, with lots of goals crashing, with lots of ‘I don’t know where I am heading… ‘ . You could assume I would be in highs and lows all the time. But I was not. I was dedicated each and every time, looking forward, having hopes, having fun, going all the way, 100%. And if a project failed, or I lost interest… I wasn’t depressed( except when hormones were combined.. yeah… these still interfere sometimes, lol).
I get it now and that’s why you hear me talk about emotions a lot… a lot.

Emotions are our compass in life. They are THE clue in life and we, as society, try to numb them, get rid of them as quick as possible, so we can just go on with our lives… The lives that create the emotions. Or must I say feelings? Emotions aren’t feelings. Feelings are a thought state you cling on to, but let’s get to that later.

You see, we all have a vision of ourselves. A bucket list, life goals, wish lists.. We have an image of ourself, sometimes a vision we don’t share with others. Maybe because you know they won’t like it, they will be afraid losing you. You consent with the silent agreement you and your surroundings made. The responsibility to keep on the path you were heading makes you go on, and on, and on…

The only manual you have for life

But here’s the thing. We are emotional beings. We exist out of our emotions, our emotions aren’t something extra, emotions are the blue print of the human body. Before there was language… there were emotions. Emotions tell us more than language ever will. Emotions have their own language, translated by the body into an emotional reaction.

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Perfect gifts for mom!


yoga gift guide, meditation mother's day gift ideasNot sure what to buy  mom this year? Pure Prana Label selected the best handmade gifts for you!

Guaranteed loved by every yoga mom, every meditator who loves her daily bliss!

  1. Eco Yoga Cork Mat by Urbivore. No trees have been harmed for this yoga mat!
  2. Meditation Bench by Meditation Hardware, great design, beautifully crafted.
  3. Organic Lavender eye pilow by Pure Prana Label. 100% linen, filled with flax seeds and lavender.
  4. A set of gorgeous singing bowls by CreamofthecropAU. No words needed… in awe.
  5. Morse code Bracelet by WorldofMinimalistic. What a cute gift, so thoughtfull!
  6. Sri Yantra Mala by AVA jewels. So much love put into these Mala’s… stunning!
  7. Chunky warm blanket by TexturableDecor. I have been in love since the day we met, this shop… ! It’s love with a capital L. Eco-friendly with the heart at the right place..♥

Get the life that you love!


It’s a practise, upgrading your life, not an easy one, by the way. And lots of people have difficulties with getting the results they’d like to see.
It doesn’t need to be such a major problem, the life you love is waiting around the corner and with little easy steps of investment you can reach it easily and thát’s where mindfulness is so useful.

You can not build a life you love, when you don’t know what you love. It’s an open door, I know, but it’s truth!
A life you love comes from the inside and we might think we can collect great images on Pinterest, make a gorgeous Instagram account and walk through life with these images representing who we are, but guess again… Because that’s not at all what it’s all about.Continue Reading →


Love your inner children!


So, here’s the thing, we need to be strong. Isn’t it so? Haven’t we all heard the quotes and phrases to search for our inner warriors? Haven’t we all learned that it’s a tough world, we need to toughen up a little? Don’t be over emotional, don’t overreact and keep away from drama.

I bet you know the lessons, I bet you’ve heard your parents preach and if it weren’t your parents, it probably were some school kids laughing at you.Continue Reading →


Getting rid of self blame


Are you in a struggle with your negative beliefs, tired of spiraling down, to come to a point of self blame? You have done so much work and healing already, how can you end up here again, which feels like point zero?
These feelings of loneliness, anxiety, feeling unworthy.
How do you ever get out of this vicious circle?

We all have these moments, to some degree, and these moments can feel like failure. Continue Reading →


Observe your dreams


Dreams are in general a good information source on hidden emotions and patterns in our life. In our sleep we have an out-of-body experience and we are floating in a frequency much closer to our unconscious wisdom.

We learn that it’s a good idea to look at our dreams, they will expose information that’s important to us. But the language can be somewhat ridiculous to understand, what’s the tomato plant doing in my dreams?!Continue Reading →


Doorway to your life purpose


My journey in spirituality, finding my truth, finding my path has been accompanied by loving, introspective friends. It’s funny how we all have been circling around the same question for years and probably you are too.

Now it’s no must to be into spirituality, you can be searching on the meaning of life, without believing you came here with a destined path. That’s okay. But due to healing, meditation and other practices (like Brandon Bays ‘The Journey’) I am convinced we are here to live out some deeper experiences.

We find it confusing, this life purpose, it can be on the tip of our tongue, as for saying. But actually it’s not that difficult at all. We aren’t aware, though.Continue Reading →


The benefits of your lavender eye pillow


You have heard me raving about the lavender eye pillows by now, if you are a follower.. And of course I think you can imagine yourself what it all can do for you. But still, I think there’s more to meet the eye with these little healing pillows that aren’t so obvious and I’d like to go into detail today.

So what is an eye pillow?

An eye pillow is actually a little pillow filled with materials to place on your eyes and forehead. It helps to relax the eyes, make it dark for a little while.

That’s the short version.

In fact, there is so much more to know!Continue Reading →