The one minute life saver every person needs to know

In this hectic world we’re definitely  in need for some life hacks to keep  our sanity and our health on top of the game. In this article I’m sharing with you my personal life saver that can be used wherever and whenever you like,  without anyone asking you questions.

I  found this life saver when I was in desperate need of some sanity. Working 3 days a week, with a big study and exams coming up. One 7 year old and a toddler,

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Welcome 2017, welcome change!

Hi there, are you thriving in this new year? With a lot going on worldwide, you might want to sit on that meditation cushion a bit more to keep your balance!
I know I definitely had to close my eyes a couple of times more, to keep grounded and keep my heart at loving levels! 😉

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European TAX and TAX free

Maybe it’s your first time here, maybe you knew me from my Etsy shop or you are a frequent customer to me… Actually it doesn’t really matter a lot, the fact is things are changing on Etsy, which will have an impact on the prices of my products and I love to be clear about it towards you.

Etsy has changed some important tools for European sellers. For example, in the Netherlands

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