New to meditation? This is what you need to know!


Of course you know that meditation can have many benefits for you, you have read a lot about it, got a piece of it during yoga class, and science is now more and more in agreement on it. With meditation you find more peace, relaxation, your brain stays healthy and you become smarter!
You want these great benefits too!

And then you get stuck, with the large range of techniques you lose overview completely. What is meditation and which technique is the right one? Relax! Meditation isn’t that difficult, keep it close to who you are!

New to meditation

6 things you need to know, when you’re new to meditation


There is no goal. There is no end goal, no finish line.

That’s a tough one! We live in a society where everything revolves around performance. Remember that this is precisely why meditation has so much influence on your well-being. Meditation is your balance in the hectic, it gives your body the chance to breathe, relax, to be … and so do you. Leave the score board at home, try to stay consciously in the now, don’t worry about the outer appearance of what meditation looks like online.


There is a technique for everyone, sometimes you invent it yourself.

Especially in the beginning it is very nice to have a some techniques at hand, so you can achieve the deep relaxation, where you’ll actually experience what meditation can do for you. Let’s face it, especially in the beginning you have no idea! Of course you understand that silence has advantages, relaxation has advantages. But a good meditation brings you many times deeper, makes you more aware and changes your life. If you haven’t yet experienced the ultimate experience, techniques are ideal to guide you. But not every technique works for you. It is finding out what works for you or not. Do you find it complicated? Do not continue endlessly. The right technique makes it easier, not more complicated. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. Choose something else. And sometimes you combine techniques, mix things together.
There’s a technique for everyone, sometimes you will invent it yourself.


The endless thoughts are not your enemy.

Obviously the intention is to transcend those thoughts, to free yourself from the endless stream that comes and goes and to become aware that you aren’t your thoughts. They don’t live your life, you are at the helm. But before you get there, you can go crazy hearing the sentence “let your thoughts be for what they are”, certainly when your thoughts have taken over your entire meditation. First, it s not so important that they’re there, it is more important you become aware that they are with so many. The more you practice, the more control you get  over the stream of chatter. It”s because you learn to feel what it’s like to experience total silence and once you have achieved that feeling you can tune in to it, whenever you want. Secondly, there’s a distinction in your mind. There are happy thoughts and there are bad thoughts.
If you find your thoughts grinding, pay attention to what type of thoughts you have. The lovely thoughts may be real, in fact, they are an indication that you are closer to your core. You can intercept the nasty thoughts and look at them with love. As soon as you do so, you move into compassion, which will help you in your meditation. Try to flow towards softer thoughts, soft emotions, relief. Be just as kind to yourself as you would be to a child who still needs to learn.

It becomes easier with time.

Meditation becomes easier the more you do it. Your brain creates new paths, just like when you get recognition points when you drive from point a to point b daily and therefore the route feels shorter. That’s how it works with meditation. You are going to find the landmarks that tell you where you are. You will learn what works for you or not. And you will recognize the feeling of deep relaxation, so you can go there faster.
If you don’t know what light looks like, when you are in the dark, you will search for it. Once you have experienced what light does, you will recognize the first rays that come through and move more easily towards it. That’s how it works with meditation. Allow yourself time.

A routine makes you long for it.

Of course it is wonderful to clear your head in the middle of a busy week, and it is even better when that focused, clear feeling becomes the basis of that busy week, so that you keep an overview, the busy week doesn’t grab you and you don’t need the moment to ‘recover’. You achieve it by making a routine of your exercise. If you meditate every day before you enter your day, you’ll really start to experience what meditation will do for you. You may not complete the first day without losing your balance, but it will build up and before you know it you will be more stable than ever!
You no longer want to get rid of that feeling, knowing that nothing or nobody can get you out of balance, you want to keep that feeling, you go longing for it and so a routine becomes something that you don’t do from discipline, but from enjoyment and desire .


Meditation changes your life.

And in the positive direction! But, be aware that what is positive can also be a bit painful in the process towards it and doesn’t always seem positive. Trust that you are moving forward. Don’t be surprised if you lose connection with your contacts, change your interests and your desires will attract like a magnet. It is not that you changed so much, but what happens is your inner desires and needs no longer whisper, but start screaming and you can’t do anything else but listen to it. That’s going to bring you happiness, listening to who you really are and live it. Remember that designing a new house also starts with sorting and cleaning up the junk that was there before. Meditation does that.

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