How high should my meditation cushion be?

meditation cushion height
The height of your meditation cushion can be a serious subject to consider, when purchasing your cushion. When your body isn’t properly supported, your posture can be misaligned causing all kinds of aches and discomfort.
A meditation cushion is designed to support you during your meditation sessions. Although you can meditate wherever you want, whenever you want, a well fitting meditation cushion holds your body in alignment, will bring you comfort and helps you to get the best out of your meditation practice.

How the measurement works

In general, the height of a meditation cushion is expressed in the measurements of the cylindrical band of the cushion. This size is not a fixed size and not an absolute, though. The meditation cushions are filled up completely, which adds some extra height to your cushion and by getting some of the filling out, you can adjust it to your preference when it is a little too firm or too high for you.

Although the filling can be adjusted, Pure Prana Label doesn’t recommend playing around with the filling too much. There can be found information online suggesting you to adjust your cushion, by removing some of the filling. Pure Prana Label comes in 3 sizes, with good reason.

A little adjustment to the filling of your meditation cushion is no problem, but getting too many filling out of your meditation cushion makes it unstable. You should really consider a height that fits your posture best!

That being said, the standard height of a Pure Prana Label meditation cushions is 10 cm (3.9”), which will result in a 12 cm (4.7”) height.

Also available within the shop is a height of 5 cm (2”) and in the Etsy shop a 15 cm(5.9”).

So how dó you determine the right height for you?!

For Pure Prana Label the standard meditation cushion height is 10 cm, it’s a height that will fit most people perfectly and it is the size that’s sold the most. It is perfect for the person who can sit in tailor position with some comfort, without having issues with the knee joints. You will be able to sit in the center of your cushion, or a little more to the front, maybe with the knees supported by the floor beneath.

The 5 cm high cushions are for the flexible ones among us. You might be an advanced yogi or yogini, hyper mobile by nature or just very flexible. Mostly it is the flexibility in the hips, the back and the knees that make up the totals for the decision. Myveryown.journey on Instagram uses a 5 cm high version meditation cushion in this video. A great rule to measure is your ability to sit in Lotus position. If you are able to cross your legs easily in front of you, one leg on top of the other or even a full Lotus position. This cushion would be perfect for you. This size lifts the pelvis just enough for a good posture during your meditation.

The 15 cm version, available in the Etsy shop, is a meditation cushion for the absolute beginner or the one who has difficulties sitting in tailor position. This meditation cushion brings you enough height to adjust your posture, to sit up straight, with crossed legs in front of you, while there is no need to rest your knees on the floor. You can use this cushion easily to sit in the center of the cushion.

Furthermore ..

With the choice of the height, it is also important to take in account the filling of your cushion. In the Etsy store Pure Prana Label offers you buckwheat hulls and kapok, here on the cushions are filled with buckwheat hulls, with or without lavender.

Buckwheat hulls make your cushion firm and stable. Kapok makes it soft and more like a pillow. With Kapok your cushion will lose about 1/3 of its height, during sitting, which is very important in your decision.

If you are still in doubt, you could use a couple of books to try out the perfect height for you. Just pile up some books, until your seat is comfortable, measure the height and use that as a guideline.

Don’t lose sleep over it, if you need some extra help, just use the contact form to shoot your questions!

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