Giving your meditation cushion a handmade spin

Indian wood carving
Choosing a meditation cushion will give you choices in height, size, material, shape, but you might like to take into account a couple of more choices, which (reasonably) would not come to mind by random thought.
Giving your meditation cushion a handmade spin… and why it matters!

Pure Prana Label is known for its handmade quality, its flax linen fabric choices and the supreme service and that´s something to be very proud of! For many that’s enough reason for their investment in a good quality meditation cushion, that will last a long time. For Pure Prana Label, it’s actually just the beginning of a journey.

As a business Pure Prana Label isn’t aiming for the lowest retail prices or the highest profits. Pure Prana Label strives for humanism, making a stunning product build on a fair, honest and skilled network of artisans and small business owners, which is growing and changing by the day.

Handmade, why it matters

Society is filtering out human talent and art. It becomes more common with the day to sell someone short. In the Netherlands we have a saying: ‘People want to sit on the front row, for a penny’. Choosing a handmade company like Pure Prana Label  is an investment in real people, who make a living from their talent, instead of giving big companies the opportunity to owning it all and growing their money, with little to no concern for who you are.

Handmade doesn’t only mean ‘made by hand’. For your meditation cushion it also means supporting human connection, keeping alive what matters, buying something unique and giving talent a venue to thrive.

Pure Prana Label works with Indian woodworkers. Sometimes we use one of their existing designs, but we also ask to make us custom designs, and we are happy to purchase these wooden artworks for a fair Western price. These woodworkers can support their family with their talent and skills, we value the traditional craft, and we like to see it being passed on to the next generations. This is an artwork with such detail, it’s incredible! And sure… in the Western world machines can do this, for lower costs. But it’s a conscious choice to use the Indian woodblocks, making these beautiful soul infused prints and also giving a venue for people in India to make a good income with their skills, which are passed on from generation to generation and has a lot of competition in their home land. Making the talent a worldwide requested skill gives them a way out of that competition in their home land, opens up opportunity for expanding their companies, we think that’s a good thing!

For our fabrics we choose flax linen from local and European companies and small business owners, who specialize in their local specialty.. flax! We have an aim to search for purity, not only in fabric quality and certification, but also in thoughts and ethics. We love the collaboration for our German flax linen, knowing the company owners strive for non-toxic fabrics in the complete textile industry!

The textile industry is incredibly difficult to navigate; completely based on fast fashion and the lowest investments, it is extremely rare to find fabrics that are non-toxic, without harmful residues. And although it asks for more research and connection and networking, we think that’s totally worth it! We value our suppliers, are very loyal to the small businesses, and we even invest in Etsy sellers who try to build up their dream to build an income out of their local specialty.

Prices of small business might rank higher in people’s opinon, it’s the time and effort. It’s the ‘close to home’ approach and the human connection. It’s the higher cost price, the attention in all layers of the process, the quality and the detail. It’s the difference between thriving as a society and fighting for existence.

Keeping talent alive & independent

It’s keeping skills and talents alive and independent. Small business compliments each other, giving room to healthy growth and specialize in talent.

Investing in small business also means passing over important information to next generations, we seem to forget how important it is that information and knowledge survives within our future generations. We don’t want to head to a system where knowledge and skills are lost. More and more education is heading towards outsourcing the manufacturing abroad. It’s already difficult to find skilled young people. They learn the sales, management, the theory…  Mastering the craftsmanship is getting lost.

Is Pure Prana Label the best meditation cushion for you? Maybe, but it is for you to decide.We’re a bit naive when it comes to marketing. We believe quality and ethics can speak for themselves and you’ll be able to choose yourself.

We do trust in our features though, and we think you will do too.

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