It’s nice to know you want to find out more about who’s behind this story called Pure Prana Label.

We live in a world of big companies and it’s hard to find someone who still cares, right? Well I do!
I don’t only care about Pure Prana Label, I also care about people and our environment.

I am trying hard to contribute to a new economy, to me that stands for honesty, real contact and transparant communication about my products.

As a mom of two I work from my atelier at home in the Netherlands.
After I finished my fashion education it took me a couple of years to get addicted to yoga and meditation, but when I got there… Oh my…! There has never been such balance, in my life, as there is today and I wish that for all of you!

Choosing a handmade product, with the logo Pure Prana Label on it, is actually choosing for mindful shopping.
It’s more like an experience, you wíll get the personal attention, I wíll be interested in what you think and love to hear from you, always.
Sending me your pictures is a way of telling me you love my product and ideas and it’s really appreciated. You are not dealing with a big company, you are in my story here… and I do care!
My products are handmade by me, I put a lot of effort into them, with that a lot of love.

It’s a good vibe, purchasing handmade products, you know everything is energy.. right?!

Please feel welcome to ask me anything you’d like, subscribing to my mailing list will mean I’ll keep you updated on new collections and products!
I definitely hope we’ll meet someday!