The benefits of a lavender eye pillow

The benefits of an eye pillow
You have heard me raving about the lavender eye pillows by now, if you are a follower.. And of course I think you can imagine yourself what it all can do for you. But still, I think there’s more to meet the eye with these little healing pillows that aren’t so obvious and I’d like to go into detail today.
So what is an eye pillow?

An eye pillow is actually a little pillow filled with materials to place on your eyes and forehead. It helps to relax the eyes, make it dark for a little while.

That’s the short version.
In fact, there is so much more to know! First of all, it’s very important to understand, that although eye pillows can be found from a very low price range and are most often chosen on looks, in my opinion that’s the last thing on your list, with making a purchase.

You see, most eye pillows out there are made from materials as ‘silky’ or ‘satin’, sounds luxurious, right? Actually, mostly we are talking about polyesters, very cheap non natural materials that can harm your sensitive eyes. Lots of chemicals are used to create these fabrics and regular dyes will not attach to the fiber, so therefore harsh dyes are used. Also the plastic- like fiber isn’t soft at all, to make it soft more chemicals are being used. The chemicals aren’t only toxic to mother Earth, through the manufacturing process, they are toxic for your body too. These chemicals aren’t completely dissolved after the making process and will stick to the fabric. Chemicals that find an easy entry into the body through the very thin layer of your skin around the eyes.

So the advice is to go for natural fabrics, cotton is an option. But the regular cotton eye pillows are made of.. regular cotton, which will mean also a lot of chemicals are being used to create the fabric for your eye pillow. Organic cotton will be a better choice for your health, but … let’s be honest.. Organic cotton still isn’t the best choice for mother Earth. So what’s the best option?
Hemp and Flax linen of course! You might have guessed by now 😉
If you don’t know how awesome flax linen can be, you might like to read why I am such a big fan in this article.

Indigo bliss eye pillowHemp and Flax aren’t in need for chemicals, actually they hate chemicals and the crop will be way weaker, when treated with toxins. So farmers don’t. Non organic Hemp and Linen are both more eco friendly than organic cotton is. Did you know?

So Pure Prana Label uses flax linen, flax linen with a Oeko Tex certificate, so you’ll know it’s tested on harmful substances, or at least flax linens that are being washed with enzymes, instead of chemicals.

That being said about harmful substances and making a difference to your health, let’s just look at the benefits!

Pure Prana Labels eye pillows are filled with organic flax seeds, organic lavender and sometimes crystals, because also the filling is important to consider!

The organic flax seeds permits the little pillow to fit the curves of your face perfectly, adding a little pressure to the muscles to relax them and carefully press and touch the acupressure points, which will instantly soothe the eye area and remove visual stimuli.

Adding herbs to the pillow can deeper the relaxation, it can also bring a deeper healing. Lots of herbs can be used, but studying aromatherapy, I have learned Lavender covers it all! So to keep it simple and benefit all your needs, I’m using organic lavender for the pillows.

Beneficial to your experience Lavender brings relaxation in general, soothes migraines, releases muscle cramps, eases the nervous system and helps with anxiety and depression.
The herb is refreshing, vitalizing and neutralizing.

Lavender combined, with the gentle pressure flax seeds offers, makes your experience a magical relaxation journey!

You can use your eye pillow after a long day with too much stimuli, or you can use it to ease headaches.
That’s only the physical benefits!
Spiritually, though… you are in for some major growth!

My personal first experience with a lavender eye pillow was in Yoga Nidra class, where the teacher gently placed an eye pillow on my eyes and I never ever wanted to go in deep relaxation without it any more. It was above all expectations! Because you remove all stimuli and tension to the eye area, you’ll be able to go inward far more easily, than without an eye pillow. The relaxation will enable your third eye to heal, expand your experience and open up. After savasana or a guided meditation you will find yourself completely new and refreshed, with a lot of more insights on life.

I wish I could express with words how big of an impact this had on my experiences, but I have no words for it, I can only motivate you to try for yourself, just like everything else on your path to self growth.

To keep your lavender eye pillow free from negative energies, dust or dirt, you’ll receive a little pouch with your lavender eye pillow, when you purchase it within my store. This will give you the possibility to take it with you on travelling or to your meditation and yoga class.

I’m wishing you so much relaxation, with the best materials, the best experiences and great insights on life!


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