Emotions during your meditation

Meditation brings you close to yourself, it takes a little courage, the encounter with yourself is not always comfortable and can even be very emotional.
Emotions that have been around for a long time are waiting for you, many people find it hard to seek silence. The confrontation with yourself is one for the brave among us.
It is therefore one of the reasons that people stop meditating. After all, you start meditation for growth, improvement and relaxation in your life. As soon as emotions come your way, which you didn’t expect and also bring you out of balance, you can get confused and wonder if meditation is really your thing.

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New to meditation? This is what you need to know!

Of course you know that meditation can have many benefits for you, you have read a lot about it, got a piece of it during yoga class, and science is now more and more in agreement on it. With meditation you find more peace, relaxation, your brain stays healthy and you become smarter!
You want these great benefits too!

And then you get stuck, with the large range of techniques you lose overview completely. What is meditation and which technique is the right one? Relax! Meditation isn’t that difficult, keep it close to who you are! Continue Reading →