Algemene voorwaarden

General conditions , delivery and complaints procedures

Article 1

Website and shop

1.1. Pure Prana Label is registered with the Chamber of Commerce and carries its statutory contribution to the tax authorities . The data:

Pure Prana Label
Patmosstraat 18
3151 KG Hoek van Holland

Chamber of Commerce number 65731271
VAT number NL126869145B03

1.2. The entire website , including the shop , is provided with an SSL – Certificate. This means that the site meets all legal requirements regarding the security of your personal and payment details .

1.3. Your personal details and information are never disclosed to third parties . If it should ever be needed in any way, I’ll ask your permission.

1.4. I am obliged to, at any suspicion of abuse or fraud, to report it to the police.

1.5. Pure Prana Label strives to provide you, at all times, an excellent service. If you have doubts about the purchase then please contact me.

Article 2

Time for consideration

2.1. You have 14 days to return after the delivery of the product. If you are not satisfied within this time limit on the purchase, you can return the product to me, without having to pay for the product itself. You only pay the postage for returning the product. If you already made a payment, you will receive a credit order and the amount paid by you returned to your account. The refund will take place once the product is received in good order and not damaged.

2.2. Products that are returned to Pure Prana label should include the original packaging.

2.3. Custom made products, designs which I have made especially for you, are not returnable. These orders have to be cancelled at the design stage, once the product will go into manufacture this possibility won’t count anymore. Given this kind of products are associated with much communication you can be assured that you are aware of the different stages in the realization of your product. You will have the opportunity to give agreement for production. Once you gave your written agreement for production, these terms of cancellation are no longer valid.

Article 3

The agreement

3.1. The agreement between Pure Prana label and customer’s is final when the customer has agreed to the general terms and when the customer has paid a payment via Paypal / Credit card, or in case of a custom order, when an invoice is sent to the customer afterwards. After the decision period of 14 days has passed and payment is received by the merchant, the customer owns entered into the respective product.

3.2. The contract is concluded electronically, by completing the
required fields and agreeing to the terms and conditions, during checkout.
In case of custom orders, the contract is concluded when customer has made a payment by banc transfer or via a Paypal request.

3.3. The product will not go into manufactory until your payment is received.

3.4. After you proceed to purchase, you will receive a written confirmation by e-mail of your purchase, about the product that you purchased, what it costs and where to address any complaints and comments.

3.5. After the purchase, you receive an invoice with your payment stated.

3.5. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for your cushion to be prepared for shipment.

3.6. The supply of products in foreign countries may take longer than in the Netherlands. It is very difficult to estimate how long the transmission time will be and I have no control over it.

3.7. All meditation cushions come with track & trace, I will send you the code so you can track your shipment. Smaller items, like mala’s are sent the standard way, without track & trace.

Article 4

The price

4.1. The price listed in the webshop is always inclusive of VAT.
On the website you will find, under the VAT inclusive price , a price exclusive of VAT, this is the price that is used for customers outside the EU , they are exempt for the European VAT tax. The price without VAT will be visible once you have entered the country in your cart/ checkout.

4.2. The price listed in the product on the website will not be changed during your purchase.
You pay the amount that is visible in the product and what is also confirmed to you ,
If you are electronically agreeing to the purchase. In it, the purchase price is again
mentioned. This applies to prices including VAT for customers in Europe and for prices, without VAT, for customers outside Europe.

4.3. When you buy a product during a period when no discount is valid, you will not receive a discount afterwards. You can register as V.I.P. to keep informed of discount codes .

Article 5

The product

5.1. All products of Pure Prana Label are handmade. Handmade products are never the same as machine-made products are . That simply isn’t possible. One copy will be somewhat different from the other one and may show differences with the photo on the website. Obviously I do the best I can to approach the version shown, into detail.

Article 6

Complaints and Warranty

6.1. Articles of Pure Prana Label promise a high quality, I do my very best to make a good article. If something is not okay, then please contact me as soon as possible by e- mail or contact form . Please include your order number and I will solve your complaint as soon as possible.

6.2. On the products of Pure Prana label is a guarantee of six months. If the product breaks down within the warranty period, I will compensate you with a refund of 100%. or if possible, create a new product for you. That does not apply where there is intent or deliberate damage. Keep your invoice / receipt properly. Without this invoice or receipt the warranty will not count. I will ask you to sent me pictures of the problem.