5, 10 or 15 cm… The height of your cushion

Besides choosing the filling for your meditation cushion, it is also important that you choose the correct height. Nothing is more annoying than a pillow that does not fit your body and needs. So… Which level is right for you?!
The standard pillow is 10 cm/ 3.9 inch high, enough for the average person to have a comfortable meditation practice. But what is average?

When you do not practice yoga, but you do add meditation to your daily life, it is difficult to determine the height of your meditation cushion. It depends on the flexibility of your hips, hamstrings and the area of the groin how high your cushion should be. The less flexible you are, the more height you’ll need. If you can sit with some ease in cross-legged position, then a standard pillow will be enough for you.

But when you are not that flexible, cross-legged position does not go so easily on you, your knees remain high in the air and your back quickly makes a bulge, then you might consider buying a cushion of 15 cm / 5.9 inch. The height of this pillow allows you to sit tall and back pains will be prevented. Your knees can be supported with some pillows in a long meditation, if needed.

The meditation cushions with a height of 5 cm / 2 inches is designed for the flexible individuals among us, the yogis or those with more mobility in the joints. For them it is possible to choose a standard pillow, but they will find the knees longing for the ground, because the muscles are so flexible. Of course you can get some stuffing out of the cushion to sit comfortably, even sitting more to the front of the pillow can help. But when buying a new cushion, the consideration of a low pillow is absolutely recommended. It gives you some support under the sit bones, so that the pelvis is slightly lifted up and the back will be straight, but at the same time the body can assume its natural sitting posture.

So it’s not just falling in love with the cover of the cushion, and it’s not a choice about what looks a nice height. You should really put some thought into it, if you’d like a durable meditation cushion. All of my meditation cushions come with an inner cushion and you can add some filling or you can get some filling out, so that will help to find your comfort as well. Still the right height will be the base of your comfort.. always.


Keep in mind you can always contact me with your questions, I’m happy to help you with your decision.

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