4 free posters for your meditation space, instant download!


Here are 4 free posters for your meditation space, instant download! Hang them on your wall or frame them as great reminders for your wellbeing, on selflove or your practice! 

Free download poster meditation

A nice daily reminder for your home!

Your vibration is your attraction, the higer you vibrate, the higher vibes you attract. Your thought are your focus, try this for a day… Just state out loud to yourself, I like to see ‘blue’ and watch what happens. You will instantly be drawn to all sorts of blue.

This is what happens with all of your thoughts, they vibrate and will match to the frequency you are living.

Turn up the game, clean up the mess and meditate!

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Free download, instant download meditation artAre you the biggest self critic walking on Earth?

This poster reminds you to be softer! Softer, softer…. even softer.

There’s nothing to gain out of being hard on yourself. You are working against yourself with negative vibes, that only attract experiences that will represent what you are thinking. Not at all what is really happening, or what you think you are deserving.

Try to meditate on softness, try to meditate on love. If you find it difficult, start with feeling love for something outside of you and then bring that feeling towards yourself.

Now that’s love and it is enough.  You are enough.

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Free download meditation posterCalm down the monkey mind!

Just take this moment and go back to the days, the moments you have enjoyed the most in life. How many influence had thought in these moments?

Probably none, maybe only happy thoughts about what was around you. But most likely you were just observing the moment.

Turn that around, be more in that moment of pure bliss and extasy by calming down the monkey mind.

Take over control, start today with a moment of meditation and build up, you will be rewarded, your brain will make new pathways that will make it easier and easier for you and before you know it, you are in control of your absolute bliss, all day, every day.

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Free download, meditation artYou’ve got it all messed up!

Nothing can be enjoyed or valued, when love isn’t in the game.

Even the most precious flower, the most shiny gem will not ring your bells, when your heart chakra is out of balance.

No beauty, no joy can be found in this world when love is not a feeling you can touch.

Make time to meditate on the softness, the joy, the high vibration and even the smallest, the most random object will fascinate you.

Trust my word!

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All posters are high quality PDF and instant download. You can print them, or save them to your computer and bring them to a print shop.

If you want to print them A4 size, you might want to use the option ‘scale to page’ before you print.

Prints are for personal use only, but feel free to share with the ones you love! Enjoy!

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